Tuesday, September 16, 2008


What do you do for lunch?

Do you make lunch on at least 4 separate occasions like I do most every day?
  1. Chandler's lunch in the morning
  2. Baden's (1st) lunch at 10 am
  3. Lunch for Carson at 11 am before going to Kindergarten
  4. Lunch for Baden (2nd) and Kate after Carson is dropped of at school and before nap
I'll usually reserve my lunching for during naps which makes for 5 lunch times!

Is this one of those thing that I need to "enjoy" because I'll be sad when I don't have to make 43 lunches a day?

I don't think so.

Can't we just skip from breakfast to dinner?

There's got to be an easier way.

Can you help me?

What do you fix for lunch?

I need your ideas.

Do you like lunch?


Britanny said...

Lunch is my LEAST favorite meal of the day. I am so bored with it...I think I need a personal chef.

Brenda said...

So is that what I should call every meal I prepare from 10-2? I have this same dilemma and would love some advice on this and snack times. My 4 year old wants a "snack" every 30 minutes (no joke)! I try to make them filling and healthy, but after the 4th one I get lazy in prepping another meal.

Nicki said...

I took a feeding young children's class just because I disliked feeding kids all together. They are messy and never eat when they need to and never like what you make. I did learn quite a lot. If you want to borrow the book, it has good info. especially for picky eaters. I think husbands are the worst though. They expect creativity in lunches. Is there such a thing?

l.a.c. said...

a wise woman told me that when she prepares her sack lunches for her school bound children, she prepares a "sack" lunch for the stay-at-home children too. she prepares the sandwich, cuts the fruit, etc. and so it is ready for the young ones when they complain about being hungry. favorite lunches for my two little ones: quesadillas; pizza; grilled cheese; and (my favorite) fresh veggies, fruit, and garlic bread.

Shayla said...

I got so tired of this, I put the semi-healthy snacks (crackers, raisins, cereal) down low so they just help themselves all day. Seriously, I know that's terrible, but if I had to hear "I'm hungry!" one more time I was going to lose it. Our favorite lunchtime food right now is quesadillas and cheese toast (which is just grilled cheese without slapping it together).

Alicia said...

I can honestly say this is one problem I don't really have. I make Macy's lunch in the morning before school and Payson's at 11:30. I used to make my own shortly after, but lately I've been eating at the same time, so that's really only two lunchtimes for us. And since we apparently have absolutely no creativity in us when it comes to food, my kids eat the exact same thing every single day: peanut butter and honey for Macy, jam for Payson, and chips. Macy now gets something else along with that in her lunch box. They won't have it any other way. The hardest part about lunches for me is figuring out what I'm going to eat!

NaDell said...

*My kids sometimes do a snack lunch that I pull out crackers, ham, and cheese with veggies and fruit and it is better and more filling than lunchables, but works the same. *One day we were out of bread, so I made PB & J in a tortilla and she liked that too. She even asked for that for a couple of days.
*Popped popcorn is good for snacks too. You just shouldn't vacuum until after they are done.
*I really like my sandwich maker for my lunch. I use cheese and turkey and grill it. I don't even use butter, but it's still melty and crispy.
*Another way to do grilled cheese without butter is to toast bread in your toaster and then put the sandwich together in your microwave for like 15 seconds. Mrs. Harville taught me that.
*A lot of days I just do leftovers, but you probably have outgrown most of the leftovers at your house with a bigger family....
Sorry this was a little long.

Katie said...

Don't ask me. My kids eat way too many crackers (from the dietitian). No really, even the school makes this one tough. Chloe and Luke both go at 12:25, but preschoolers are supposed to bring a lunch and kindergardeners aren't....weird. So Luke gets lunch at home, and then I'm supposed to pack one for him too! Ahhh! Can't everyone just love melted cheese?

debsters said...

I do as much as I can in one go. I despise getting everything out just to do it again a little while later. What I am still tying to figure out is how to make the same thing for everyone. It just doesn't work. As far as what we fix it's mostly sandwiches, tortilla roll ups or homemade lunchables. Brent mostly takes leftovers. Now and again in the winter I do something hot in a thermos for one of the kids to take to school. I haven't figured it out yet though. I'm interested to read some of your readers comments, maybe that will help me out.

M-A said...

We eat leftovers everyday. If we don't have leftovers we eat chips with salsa and hummus, an avocado (I like to dig it out with tortilla chips), fruit, smoothies, raisins, fruit leather, etc. I like to keep a pasta salad with fresh basil, tomatoes, and kalamata olives (and sometimes mozarella)in the fridge for me. I also make a big pot of beans and a big thing of rice and eat that for a few days in a row for lunch. Or lentil soup with spicy italian sausage. If it's a really bad day we have granola for lunch. I just checked out Jerry Seinfeld's wife's cookbook "deceptively delicious" from the library and it had some good ideas for kids. They have it at costco too.

Just be glad you don't have to add food allergies to your lunch dilemma:)

4starmom said...

Thanks for the ideas and tips. I'll try them out. And, M-A can I move in?

Carmen said...

ah, so sad for me, I miss the days when they had lunch with me, they are all in school now and I hate the school lunch... I don't think I even remember what we eat for lunch in the past. See? it is sad...