Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cloudy Day Confessions

Confession #1. I don't have 72 hour kits. I need to get ours together soon for peace of mind. What do you put in yours?

Confession #2. I've turned 24 pounds of strawberries into freezer jam and will be doing 16 more pounds tonight even though I see how much sugar goes into it. Wouldn't you if you got them for 62 cents a pound?

Confession #3. I'm more excited for school to be out than my children. You too?

Confession #4. Fathers and Sons weekend is my
favorite weekend of the year. Does that make me a bad mom?

Confession #5. I wholeheartedly agree with paragraphs 16 & 17 of this talk. Are we still friends?

Confession #6. I think she's cute. Don't you?


debsters said...

Kate is growing up. My girls miss seeing her after church every Sunday in the Primary room.

I enjoyed your confessions :)

We made our 72 hour kit collection into a fun family home evening at Wal-Mart.

Food, medical needs, matches, gargabe bags, change of clothes (a few pair of socks), rain poncho, flashlight, batteries, paper, pencil, more food, water bottles, toilet paper, kleenex, comb, chapstick, I"ll have to check for the rest...

::DANDEE:: said...

::We STILL need to work on our 72 hour kits.

::Strawberry freezer jam is THE BEST!

::I'm now counting down the minutes until school is out. I would say at our house, everyone is equally excited.

::Bad mom? No, no. It just means you cherish peace and quiet.

::Yes, we are still friends! I agree that there is a time and place to quote women who do not fully encompass the beliefs of our church. I also believe that even if someone chooses not adhere to our standards it doesn't lessen the good they may be doing. I know a lot of lovely non-lds people that are doing amazing things for the world. But...I wouldn't quote them in Relief Society.

::I think she is SO cute! Nothing like a bath in the sink!

Shayla said...

Love your confessions, Natasha! Thanks for the link to a great talk. All I have to say about Fathers/Sons weekend campouts is when are they going to do a Father/Daughter one?! :-) Or even better, a Father/All the Kids in the Family one!

Jan said...

So cute of Kate. Good work on the kit. It seems it never ends really. You can always think of one more thing.

Good link by the way. I read it and then realized I will probably have to repent. I have been quoting Churchhill and others lately. Take Care..

Megan said...

i've been pickin strawberries too. . . now i need to clean out the freezer to make room for jam. she is a doll. how old do boys need to be before the go on the outing?

Jodi said...

I cannot believe how big Kate is! She's super cute! And I completely agree with confession #4 - and we've been out of town during it the last two years. And this year would have been the first year he would have taken all 4. :(