Thursday, May 8, 2008

Motherly Advice

Four things I want this future mother to know:

  • Modesty is always in style.
  • If it isn't "virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy" it isn't worth reading, watching or listening.
  • Nothing is worth losing your integrity.
  • In this there is safety, In this there is peace.1
Editors note:
I have become increasingly cognizant of my actions as my children are growing older. I have adopted the mindset that; If I don't want my children to see, do, hear or speak something than why should I? Now you may disagree, but give it some thought.

The primary children are learning a song this year that I love and reminds me to stay true. It reminds me of how I can be the kind of mother I want to be and that my children need me to be. (If you haven't heard it, you can listen to it here: If the Savior Stood Beside Me.)

I know my abilities to mother are greater when I have the spirit and am Christlike. I will always have things to work on, but know I have a perfect example to follow. I know that I have a sacred responsibility to rear my children in love and righteousness. My influence in my home is great and never ending and knowing that if it is in the mother's heart it is in the mother's home (Sister Dalton shared that at BYU Women's Conference) inspires me to greater heights. So I say, carry on!


Brenda said...

Beautiful Picture! Great Post. I am working on those things as well, it can all be so overwhelming though. I just wish I would have started out knowing what I know now and it wouldn't be so hard to pick up the pieces and fix the bad habits that have been created. I need to be better at letting Heavenly Father be in control.
Oh, Kenny didn't get the JOB so back to the drawing board and 5 a.m. work outs!

Jan said...

Very good things to teach a young lady about what she needs to know. I love it all. And that picture is adorable. Kate is so cute.

debsters said...

My girls miss sweet Kate.

If the Savior stood Beside Me is one of my favorites, the message is beautiful and essential for this life.

I am embarrassed to say that only recently have I really taken your message to heart. I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility now my children are entering the teenage years, to really be careful what I allow into my mind and heart.

::DANDEE:: said...

Natasha, you inspire me. So enlightening.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful inspiration! Thanks.

l.a.c. said...

written so beautifully...this is what is in your heart and it is reflected in your actions. one lucky little princess and future mommy. you provide safety and a lovely example of motherhood. really.

Megan said...

I too, I am (slowly)becoming a different person as my children grow. Things that never bothered me before now offend me because I wouldn't want my children to hear or see those things. As I hear Stella sing primary songs around the house, it fills me with happiness because of the words and lessons that they are instilling in her while teaching her joy. You are setting a GREAT example for your children

Shayla said...

Natasha, you inspire me! I always think after reading your posts that I want to get to know you better. I've really been thinking a lot about the things I watch, read and listen lately. I often wonder how much better and easier life would be if I could follow this better and how simple it really could be if I would just stop being so stubborn. Thanks for making me think about it some more. :-)