Thursday, April 24, 2008


"Be ye therefore perfect..." Matthew 5:48

I happened to catch a talk by Carol B. Thomas that she gave at the 2002 BYU Women's Conference, a couple of weeks ago while I had streaming.
I was inspired and motivated.

You can read it.
You can listen to it...
this way,
or even this way.

You will be glad you did. I promise.


Jan said...

Perfect! In a good way. Thanks for this. It is a great reminder that perfection is a long process. And without the Saviour, it is never achieved. I love the thought about perspective in the child saying the Prophet B's as grades.
So pure and we as adults do it all the time.
Thanks Natasha for opening up comments once in awhile. I understand and respect you for it though when its closed. Take care.

Hauni Crockett said...

Thank you for posting this Natasha. I really needed it!